3D Printed Retro Cluster Console

Print your own terminal

10 January 2022 by Kevin McAleer


3d Printed Parts & STL Files

This project consists of three 3d printed parts:

Filename Description
bottom.stl The bottom of the case
Front_Case.stl The front section
Shroud.stl The top cover


The screen used is a Pimoroni HyperPixel 4.0, and the computer is a Raspberry Pi Zero W. The project can be battery powered using a pair of 18650s and a diymore 18650 Battery Shield V8 3V 5V Micro USB Port Type-C USB for Raspberry Pi ESP32 ESP8266 Wifi

The case fits together without the need for any glue or screws. The screen might need a couple of blobs of Blutac to hold it in place.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished model.


The 18650 batteries last a couple of hours, and its a convenient size to use and have on the desk. You can connect a USB cable to charge the console, without having to power it down too.

Terminal hacking

Here is a cool way to extend the terminal to make it even more fun.

I’ve also connected up a wireless keyboard to the Raspberry Pi (this version uses RF, rather than bluetooth, but a bluetooth keyboard will work fine too).

To quickly setup the Raspberry Pi Console - see this article on the Raspberry Pi Imager.

I hope you enjoy this project! Kevin

PS this is also available on Hackster.io