Why I made the Clustered-Pi Zero

And what it can do

10 February 2022 by Kevin McAleer

A learning Platform

The first reason I designed and built Clustered-Pi was to create a learning platform, where I can learn how to deploy apps with Ansible, and Docker.

I also wanted to develop dynamic websites using Python and Flask, and have a safe place to deploy these too.

I’ve used Jekyll for a number of years now to build static webpages from Markdown, yaml and CSS. I wanted to learn how to deploy a self building website within a container that can be triggered whenever I check in the code - similar to GitHib pages, but locally hosted.

Design challenge

I love Fusion 360, and thought of a design that would be visually interesting and also practical to house the array of Raspberry Pi Zero 2 boards. The design challenge was to make 1 set of pieces that could be printed a number of times to form a self supporting structure, without the need for glue.

I consider this a sculpture; a piece of art.

Because I wanted to

The final reason I wanted to create this was simply because the moment took me, I had the means and because I wanted to. Is there any greater reason?